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Great Christian Men of History Series (Audio)

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Fixed Point Foundation’s Larry Taunton hosts a study series considering six great historic men of faith that exhibited an unwavering commitment to Christ:
    1. Pastor and theologian John Calvin
    2. English scholar William Tyndale
    3. Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky
    4. Theologian and philosopher St. Augustine
    5. Mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal
    6. Writer and professor C.S. Lewis

    Larry takes a close look at each of these individuals, diving into their lives and unpacking their impact with characteristic wit and curiosity. Which events shaped their lives? Who were their influences? What motivated them? When did they give their lives to Christ? And finally, how does each of their lives give us insight into how we live ours today?

    Great Christian Men of History is both a challenging examination of the cost of discipleship and an encouraging reminder of how God works through his people when we employ our gifts in His service.

    Runtime: Approx. 5 hours 6 minutes

    Includes 6 full-length episodes.

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