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Losing My Religion Series (Audio)

  • 1999
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An increasing number of people doubt that the Bible is true. Others believe it is both true and valuable, but mostly in the context of their private lives. They don't expect it to provide much practical help with regards to the big problems they face in their jobs or society at large.

Regardless of these very different opinions about the Bible, it seems few people take the Bible very seriously between Sundays. But if the Good Book is not respected or relevant in the face of our biggest questions and challenges in the real world, why should it be believed at all?

Losing My Religion is a one-of-a-kind study series that tackles the skeptic's view of Christianity and doesn't shy away from the tough questions.

Indeed, it addresses head-on such loaded topics as faith, revelation, and inspiration what some would call the irrational or weak spots of Christianity. Taunton and Wortman, however, set out to overturn these notions as fundamentally mistaken.

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