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Can There Be Morality Without God? (Video)

Can There Be Morality Without God? (Video)

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Dinesh D'Souza vs. Peter Singer

In front of a sold out crowd at Princeton University, cultural commentator Dinesh D'Souza debates bioethicist and philosopher Peter Singer, one of the most controversial and influential atheists of our time. Having both written on the topic, D'Souza and Singer dispute where and how we find the very foundations of morality.

"Can there be Morality Without God?" sees two of the world's brightest minds clash in a dynamic encounter on a provocative subject. And in the end, the question of whether or not our moral codes owe their origin to an authority beyond ourselves is a question that applies to everyone.

"Much of what we call secular morality is itself standing on a Christian pedestal." - Dinesh D'Souza

"We have to use our own judgement. We have to sort out for ourselves what's right and wrong." - Peter Singer

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