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Closing the Double-Door to Heaven (Audio)

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In assessing the current state of the world, Peter Kreeft finds much to be pleased about, but only on a superficial level. By shifting our perspectives to the current state of our souls, he argues, things begin to look far less promising. The promotion of moral relativism in our society has not changed its direction, but it has driven it closer and closer to its own demise.

But the death of western society raises even larger questions - questions about human life and death itself. Is death always the worst end?

Kreeft argues that it is not. Indeed, he argues, death is the very door to heaven. The current scientific and human attempts to defeat death have, in the pursuit, lost sight of the most important of human characteristics: the soul.

"Death is God's heart surgery on us. That is why we need death. It gives God entrance into our deepest heart... For the wall that rises up in our way and keeps us from seeing God is not a wall around God but around ourselves. Death tears down the very foundation of that wall."

Runtime: Approx. 55 minutes

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