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The God Delusion Debate (Audio)

The God Delusion Debate (Audio)

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Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox

In 2006, world-renowned atheist and scientist Professor Richard Dawkins published his world-wide best-seller The God Delusion, an all-out assault on religion in general and Christianity in particular. In it, Dawkins asserts that such belief is nothing short of delusional.

One year later, two of the greatest minds in the science-religion debate met to put those assertions to the test.

The God Delusion Debate pits Dawkins against his Oxford University colleague Professor John Lennox, who is both a scientist and a Christian theologian. In this, his first visit to the so-called Bible Belt, Dawkins debates his views as expressed in The God Delusion and their validity over and against the Christian faith. The event garnered national and international attention from The Times of London, NPR, BBC, Christian Post, and Fox News Network. Spectator Magazine called the debate remarkable, and still others have called it historic.

The God Delusion Debate was filmed on October 3, 2007 before a sold-out crowd at the University of Alabama-Birmingham's Alys Stephens Center and broadcast to a global audience of over one million.

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