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How "Cultural Diversity" is Destroying America (Audio)

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In today's culture, pluralism - or, in the vernacular, "diversity" - is championed as a value. More than that, diversity for diversity's sake. But Larry Taunton warns us that without a unifying principle, diversity is actually divisive by its very nature.

Taunton argues that pluralism as a philosophy means that one cannot take too strong a position on anything outside of pluralism itself. To illustrate, he recounts his own amusing experience at a "diversity workshop," in which he challenges the assumptions of the workshop itself.

It's important to distinguish between diversity as a fact and diversity as a value - because there's quite a difference between the two. So what does this mean for America? And where can we find an appropriate model for diversity?

"We've all been indoctrinated with the idea that in diversity is where we find strength, and this just simply is not so. "

Runtime: Approx. 30 minutes

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