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How to Make Friends with an Atheist (Audio)

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With great humility and care, Fixed Point Foundation's Founder and Executive Director Larry Taunton discusses his friendship with the late atheist provocateur Christopher Hitchens and what that taught him about "making friends with atheists." Larry also shares his findings from a series of interviews with college students who have rejected the Christian faith - on why they left the church and embraced unbelief.

In what ways are Christians unintentionally pushing away the very people they wish to reach? And how might they effectively build relationships with unbelievers? This resource will especially be useful to churches and their members in reaching a generation that is being systematically lost.

"Do you have a passion for souls? Is your heart grieved by the fact that there are people who do not know Jesus Christ, and that in some way we have perhaps contributed to their unbelief?"

Runtime: Approx. 40 minutes

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