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The Reliability of Scripture (Audio)

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"The enemy of our faith has been relentlessly sledgehammering the pillar of biblical authority for 200 or so years now. And if we're honest, we have to admit that the confidence of the Church has also been eroded."

"The DaVinci Code", History Channel, etc. offer provocative views about the Bible. An elite group of scholars eagerly queue up to explain to the general public how untrustworthy and positively conspiratorial the Bible really is. Is this true or another poignant example of revisionist history? Bill Wortman takes on these questions as he discusses the historical and literal reliability of the Biblical texts. Given at Fixed Point's Seeking 7 Conference.

Bill Wortman possesses degrees in classical languages from the University of Minnesota and Columbia University. Bill worked at International Bible Society in the translations department before teaching Latin and Greek for many years.

Runtime: 1 hour

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